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Codex is connected to the content directly as it is more often than not, recorded on our media.

Codex Media Vault Library, featuring Codex Production Drives, provides portable near-line storage, offering secure, fast access for production, editorial and VFX vendors. Each Production Drive delivers 24 TB storage in an easily transportable form.

No other solution exists that can securely track and record a production’s content and manage its workflow with such ease and elegance.


2500 MB/s




QR code
Redundancy Coding
Continuous Audit


24 TB Production Drive
8/16TB Transfer Drive
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The instant access of spinning disk with the long-term storage of LTO tape

Human-readable digital ink labels with QR code

Easy to install with endless storage expansion

Redundancy Coding and Continous Auditing means drives have a data protection level exceeding that of LTO tape

AES-256 encryption option

High energy efficiency

No more redundant storage cost

Easily connects into 3rd party production service vendors

Approved users can access any asset at anytime. Codex Production Drives are designed with productions’ critical tasks in mind, enabling collaboration and increasing efficiency. They connect the production workflow with downstream production services and 3rd party post vendors, with no compromise in security, scalability, or performance.

They smartly scale into any near-set or facility location, providing hundreds of terabytes to multiple petabytes of storage.

Using the Codex Media Vault and Media Vault Library provides far faster access to content than LTO tape when it comes to VFX pulls, marketing requests and final conform and DI, even in facilities with access to high-speed robotic tape loader systems.


Codex Production Drives are a high-capacity, secure, storage, transportable solution. Each Production Drive has a capacity of 24 TB and are 4X protected. Typical LTO file access in a tape robot is 1- 4 minutes but with a Codex Production Drive it is only 0.008 seconds.

Each Production Drive weighs just 2kg and measures 115 x 30 x 542mm. They are always fully recoverable and rebuildable in any other enclosure.

As the editorial department becomes the hub of today’s productions, projects can quickly and affordably scale using Codex Media Vault and Media Vault Library along with the proven Codex Transfer Drives and Production Drives.

The editorial team can quickly, securely and efficiently request files and feed material to whomever needs it – VFX, marketing, production etc. – without having to request it from a post facility to recover it from LTO tape. For VFX pulls and final conform, the system provides far faster access to content than LTO tape, and can be managed directly from within the editorial suite in concert with Codex Backbone.

To expand storage in editorial or on location, you just slide in another Codex Production Drive and it mounts itself in seconds – nothing more. Additional expansion chassis can be provided to allow easy scalability throughout the production life cycle.

Used in combination with secure file transfer services, such as IBM Aspera or Signiant.com, access and sharing of large format files is simple and easy to accomplish using Codex.

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"Codex is a rock-solid platform and workflow, backed by world-class support"

James Neihouse ASC


Codex is proud to support so many productions, from blockbuster Academy Award winners, to independent movies, to streaming TV. All Captured on Codex - the indispensable technology of choice.

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