The playback and QC of camera original data near-set is a vital task so any problems can be noted before archives are created and deliverables are generated.

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Codex Review allows Codex Vault to be connected to a calibrated monitor so that camera original data can be played back at the highest resolution. Colour tools, audio sync and transcoding mean Vault plus Review is an entire dailies system. 

Review consists of four integrated modules – Play, Process, QC, and Colour – which combine with Vault into a complete playback, dailies and archiving system that deliver your dailies quickly and efficiently, no matter where you are in the world.

Play back your camera original material at the highest resolution and at the correct frame rate. Review your footage with and without CDL values and LUTs applied. Scale and crop images using viewfinder metadata from the camera. Two playheads allow for split screen or A/B comparisons.

Add the power of accelerated multi-output GPU processing to Codex Vault – transcoding to DNxHD 115, for example, at more than 60 FPS. And that’s with an input LUT, CDL, and a 3D LUT.

An intuitive user interface with a sophisticated timeline enables issues to be flagged. Use a 3D mouse for controlling playback, including zooming and panning for a thorough visual QC. Generate a detailed QC report, with or without thumbnails.

Codex Review contains a full colour pipeline, including sup
port for ACES. Dailies can be viewed as the cinematographer intended them to be seen. Add a pre-LUT, CDL and a post-LUT. Collaborate and communicate using primary grading tools to generate CDL data that is tied to each shot and is carried forward to the next stage of your workflow.



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"The Codex systems didn’t fail us. They came straight through with flying colours"

John Seale ASC. Cinematographer,
Mad Max: Fury Road


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