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The frenetic pace of television production, the quick turnaround of a commercial, the longer production cycle of a feature film… today’s productions demand a simplified, streamlined workflow. Codex Vault Platform is the gateway to the next evolution in production and will save you time, money and protects your most valuable asset - your digital negative, in the most secure way possible.

Projects today need a pipeline that securely delivers camera original data, metadata, editorial media, visual effects deliverables and production reports to whoever needs access to them. The combination of Codex Vault Platform, the new Codex Media Vault systems and Codex Backbone makes it easy for any production to manage their assets so that all departments can efficiently access whatever they need.

With world-class image science, high quality image processing and the power of GPU processing, Codex Vault is a fully-featured dailies and archiving system, providing a unified workflow for many different cameras commonly used today.

Codex Vault Platform 4.0 and Codex Review feature sophisticated tools for colour grading and LUT management, QC, metadata editing and audio sync so you can manage and create all your deliverables within one unified system. Transcode to all the formats you need, deliver faster than real-time, even with an input LUT, CDL, and a 3D LUT.

Vault has more than enough horsepower so you can meet the toughest deadline with time to spare. And a new Production Apertures tool automatically scales the deliverables based on the framing for a particular camera type.

Codex Vault Platform is now Backbone-aware – sync your shot metadata to Codex Backbone wherever you are, so that authorised users have access to all the information they need to be creative and manage a show efficiently.

Flexibility and adaptability are critical today so Codex Vault Platform is now available not only on Codex hardware – Codex S-Series and Codex XL-Series – but also on Mac Pro and MacBook Pro.


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The increasing amount of choice in cameras has led to a proliferation in the number of different workflows for feature film, commercials and television production – there is a better way. Codex Vault is a powerful end-to-end dailies and archiving solution that simplifies your workflow without taking away the flexibility that you need.

With fast transfers, automated production management, full reporting, rugged design and a compact size, Codex Vault is the hub of any on-set or near-set file-based workflow and the bridge between production and post production. Vault supports industry-leading cameras made by ARRI, Canon, Sony, and others.

Vault has a simple task-driven user interface that anyone on the camera crew can use. The workflow can be designed and locked down at the beginning of production. Once you’ve designed a workflow that works for you, you can use it again and again. When you’re in production, there’s a detailed record of exactly what’s been copied, processed and archived.

Use whatever cameras you want, but bring everything together through a unified, streamlined process.

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Knowing exactly what you’ve got as soon as possible is vital when you’re in production and the pressure’s on. This includes checking the images you’ve recorded for image defects, checking focus and exposure, and checking any associated metadata – for example, ensuring that the clips are named correctly.

With Codex Review, you can play back your source footage at the original resolution and frame rate and in the correct colour space. Codex QC allows for annotation and comments down to an exact frame and even has some 

preset annotations (boom in shot, tail slate, out of focus etc.) Generate a detailed report of exactly what has been shot, with or without thumbnails, so that everyone has all the information that they need.


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Studios, producers and bond companies often require an archive to made as close to set as possible, before any deliverables are made or any material is transported elsewhere. The sheer amount of data generated by today’s digital cameras can make this seem like a daunting challenge but the right tools can make it straightforward. Remember – this is the equivalent to your film negative, your most valuable asset, so must be treated as such. 

Codex Vault features robust archiving to dual LTO tapes using the industry standard LTFS format.

Tapes are written with full verification so that you can be sure that every file has been written correctly to tape and can be read back. You can even append to a tape so that archiving can begin during the shooting day. The included Table of Contents means you know exactly what’s on every tape and can scan quickly to a particular file.

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View your dailies as the cinematographer intended them to be seen and communicate this vision to everyone in production so that there are no surprises. Codex Vault plus Review contains a full colour pipeline, including support for ACES (Academy Color Encoding Specification). Add a pre-LUT, CDL and a post-LUT. Collaborate and communicate using primary grading tools to generate CDL data that is tied to each shot and is carried forward to the next stage of your workflow. Either burn your look into your dailies, for editorial for example, or send the appropriate metadata along with the image.

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Powerful, multi-output GPU-based processing (with Codex Review) supports the generation of deliverables much faster than real-time in all the formats required for review, post production, archiving and VFX. Depending on the project, these might include Avid DNxHD for editorial, Apple ProRes, DPX for VFX or H.264 for IPad executive dailies. Each format can be generated with and without LUTs and burn-ins as required for your particular project, and with all the associated sidecar formats and metadata.

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Getting information to the right people at the end of a shooting day is a critical part of any workflow – making everyone’s job easier and increasing efficiency everywhere.

With Codex Vault, you can create customised reports that will suit the particular needs of a producer, an editor, a VFX Supervisor or whoever else needs to be able to quickly see what’s been shot in a form that works for them. 

And Codex Backbone combines local and cloud-based storage to provide a secure, integrated end-to-end pipeline to track and disseminate data and information within a production or across multiple shows within the same studio. The combination of Codex Vault, Dashboard and Production Server allows Backbone to be the central repository for images and metadata.

Production information can be securely viewed and edited, any time, any place, by authorised crew members, using any desktop or mobile device with an Internet connection.

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