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The production-proven Codex Vault is now available as a rack-mounted network attached device ready to integrate into your production or post infrastructure, whether it’s near-set or in a post facility.

With the XL-Series, Codex tests and integrates best-in-class technology into a reliable device designed to meet your exacting requirements – processing the large amounts of data generated by today’s productions, quickly, efficiently and reliably, time after time. Use the XL-Series to accelerate your workflow – it’s more than up to the task, no matter how much data you need to process.


8 TB Solid State


1600MHz DDR3 RAM


2 x Xeon E5-2690 v4


40 GbE

Codex storage solutions offer the realisation to the file-based workflow dream

The XL-Series harnesses the benefits of network storage – faster access to files, simple configuration and easy administration – and bolts on the power of Codex’s Vault Platform so that whatever files you need are available on demand whenever you need them.

The XL-Series can be easily integrated into your wider facility, using 40 GigE for fast connectivity. It is a parallel processing appliance, combining the latest high quality processing, world-class image science and automated efficiency. It includes 2 x Xeon E5-2690 v4 processors, 28 core.

Dailies can be generated much faster than real-time, with multiple LUTs and burn-ins applied.

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19” Rackmount 4U

2 x Xeon E5-2690 v4, 28 core system

System Memory
64GB up to 512GB, DDR4 2133MHz Quad Channel supported

Codex Capture Drive 2TB bay built-in
2 x Capture Drive XR

Codex 8TB Transfer Drive bay
Internal storage up to 6x 2.5” SATA III drives
(up to 18 TB HDD´S optional)
System Drive: M.2 SSD
2 x 6Gb SAS (SFF-8088- 4 SAS Lanes) connections for external
storage on the rear of the Unit

Video Outputs
Quad 3G HD-SDI with Corvid 44
4K and UltraHD output at frame rates up to 60p
• 10-bit 4K/Ultra HD and 2K/Dual-link/HD/SD output
• HDMI 2.0b output, capable of UltraHD at 50/60p
• 16 channel. Embedded SDI digital audio 8 channel.
Embedded HDMI

Up to 2 x Nvidia 1080Ti
Pascal GPU and 12GB frame buffer,
3584 Pascal Cores per GPU
DL- DVI-I / HDMI/ 3x DisplayPort outputs

2 x 1Gb Ethernet
40Gb Ethernet or Fibre Channel (available options)
2 x 6 Gb SAS (SFF-8088- 4 SAS Lanes)
8 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0

Production Suite Software
Metadata Editing
Virtual File System
Transcoding Engine
Data Reporting

Vault Review
2K | 4K Player
QC Tools
LUT Pipeline > Look management & Look Library


The Removable Transfer Drive Bay means that you can use an XL-Series in less accessible locations and utilise Codex 8 TB Transfer Drives to quickly and securely move data from on-set to near-set or post facility, without being concerned about the security of a standard hard drive or how long it's going to take to transfer the files.


"Codex represents a simple, elegant, all-in-one solution for the digital camera workflow. I consider it to be a rock solid platform."

Bruce Markoe, SVP, Head of Post, IMAX Corporation


Codex is proud to support so many productions, from blockbuster Academy Award winners to independent movies. All Captured on Codex - the indispensable technology of choice.