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ColorSynth (Single Licence FCPX)


ColorSynth™ is a module integrated into Final Cut Pro X, redefining your color grading experience and creative possibilities directly within these ubiquitous non-linear platforms.

Simple at first glance, ColorSynth is an elaborate pre-wired network of color processing nodes totaling more than thirty nodes arranged in an six-layer stack with several sub-layers. Regardless of the complexity of the grade, ColorSynth renders the results in floating point precision, at a constant speed. The ColorSynth grading template is designed to meet the user at any comfort level; from the simplest “one light” pass to the most esoteric grades, the software is easy to use and the results are quick. Its tiny footprint belies its powerful ability to tackle the wildest of color grading scenarios. A version release is coming soon for Adobe Premiere Pro.
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