The Folder List panel shows the folders that you can access depending on your permissions. Click on the name of a folder in the list.

The Files panel shows any files that are in the folder. Click a filename to download it.

To upload a file either drag the file into the browser window where it says ‘Drag files here.’ or click the ADD FILES button and select the files to upload.

When all the required files have been selected click the START UPLOAD button.

This table indicates approximate download times depending on the file size and speed of your connection:

PLEASE NOTE: Maximum file size in any one upload is restricted to 2GB


Customers or Partners must be registered with an account to access Codex File Share.

Note: The registration page prompts users that if they have an existing support account that they use an alternative email address or they contact support to upgrade their account to view File Share, which is the preferred choice unless it is a separate person within a company that needs access to File Share.

To set up a folder for a customer to view on File Share, go to and click on the ‘File Share’ link. Then click ‘Add File Share Folder’ on the right. Enter a name for the folder and click ‘Update’.

Now the customers user account needs to be enabled to both access File Share (if not already done so) and to access their specific folder. Click the ‘Users’ link and then find the customers account details in the list (Note: the list of Users can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headings).

Click the users Name and then click the ‘Fileshare’ checkbox, and then ‘Update’ to allow them to access File Share.

You will be returned to the list of users. Click the users Name again and then click ‘Add File Share Permission’ on the right. Click to open the Folder drop-down list and choose the relevant folder. Then click the checkboxes to set whether the user is given permission to Upload and/or Download, and click ‘Update’.

You can of course simply give a User access to an existing folder and set their permissions accordingly.

Finally, click the main ‘Update’ button for the user account.


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