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Codex’s relationship with ARRI dates back to the early development of the ALEXA, a camera that has revolutionised filmmaking, dominating the feature film, television and commercials market. Codex and ARRI have supported all kinds of movies from Academy Award winners like Gravity, Life of Pi, and Birdman, to low budget independent features around the world. With the ALEXA XT and the ALEXA 65 Codex became an integral part of the camera, as well as providing rock-solid workflows.

The relationship continues to thrive and Codex is excited to be working with ARRI on their latest Alexa range.

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“I just feel that the ALEXA is the closest thing to film. I like the look. It’s not as chronically over-processed as some of the other cameras. I have teenage kids, and they understand and appreciate when something looks really electronic and over-produced. It looks fake to them. It’s not about resolution. When you get caught up in having the highest resolution, you’re moving away from the aesthetics, from what is really important – what’s coming from within you, what’s in your heart and your head.”

Sal Totino ASC, AIC