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Emulating CCTV footage and teenage social media-savvy smartphone users, Action Cam was the only way to go.



Codex Action Cam has also been used on the independent feature Social Suicide, a modern thriller that’s loosely based on Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet, also set for release in 2015. The story follows the police investigation into the suspicious deaths of social media-savvy teenagers, through the scrutiny of CCTV security camera footage and smartphone video postings on social media sites. 


Cinematographer Oona Menges deployed Codex Action Cam with Kowa C-Mount lenses, and fitted on C-stands, to capture the CCTV security camera material. For the smartphone footage, Codex Action Cam was fitted with Zeiss PL-Mount 16mm Super Speed lenses and mounted on a convenient spigot. This enabled the actors to handle the camera head in the same way they would a smartphone. To provide separation between the camera team and the actors, the Codex Action Cam head and the Camera Control unit were connected using 20m lengths of BNC cabling.

“We wanted a small, versatile and high-quality camera to help in telling the story about online identity,” says Oona Menges. “Codex Action Cam proved a complete lifesaver. It was perfect for capturing the CCTV footage, and in creating visually-appropriate imagery for the ways teenagers use their smartphones – but with the huge advantage of shooting high-quality RAW, using beautiful lenses, that we could treat later in the DI grade.” Menges notes, “Codex Action Cam had the effect of liberating the actors, and allowed them to focus on their performances. For a tiny camera that fits in the palm of your hand, the performance is astonishing. I am curious to see how the next-generation camera develops.”

Images courtesy of Nicolas Laborie.

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