On March 7th 2019, Codex was invited by Netflix to a private Technology Fair at its Sunset Bronson Studios to demonstrate how Codex supports Netflix original series productions with RAW workflows.

Positioned next to ARRI Inc and ARRI Rental, Panasonic, and Canon, demonstrations of the ease of use of Codex Device Manager and High Density Encoding were on display. The Codex Capture Drive + Transfer Drive Media Station was connected with a Mac Mini to a second Transfer Drive Dock and simultaneous offloads using Imagine Products Shot Put Pro allowed for faster than real-time HDE encoding of ARRIRAW files.

Codex was also invited to present to the Netflix team inside a theater in the round to get a deep understanding of High Density Encoding and the building blocks to support a RAW workflow production.

Codex will further demo these solutions at NAB 2019 | Las Vegas | Suite 632 | Renaissance hotel.

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