You'll find Codex in the usual space at the Opera Nova and supporting our camera partners - ARRI, Canon, and Panasonic.

We will be showing our award-winning Production Suite software powered by new Thunderbolt 3 Capture Drive and Transfer Drive docks and dual LTO-7 archive solutions packaged in 2RU rack mount configurations. Ideal for on-set to clone, back-up and transcode deliverables for near-set dailies and editorial post production.

ARRI - integrated recording and workflow with the ALEXA SXT camera
Canon - RAW recorder and workflow as part of the Canon EOS C700 camera
Panasonic - RAW recorder and workflow as part of the Panasonic VariCam Pure 4K camera

Fast, Efficient and Proven

With 4K and 8K workflows now becoming the standard, using the fastest storage on the market to move data from set to near-set is why you need to use a CODEX workflow.

The Codex “One Workflow” is all that is needed to support the new ARRI SXT-W camera, the VariCam Pure, and Canon C700 camera, powered by Codex Production Suite on the Mac OSX platform and with the Vault-XL workstation.

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