Codex move to the Renaissance Hotel (Suite 732) for NAB 2017 and signal a major extension in launching a range of highly flexible storage solutions.

The new Codex M-Series Storage solution addresses the demands of data-heavy production environments and provides safe and secure data management tools for backup, review, transport, and archiving.
With productions now regularly generating terabytes of data per day, and post required to conform 4K episodic and feature productions, the ability to provide creative teams fast and efficient access to this data becomes a priority. Yet, many companies that now have to deliver 4K+ content are discovering the shared storage environments designed for HD file-based workflows are simply not up to the task. 

With large format productions in the pipeline, and tape formats changing from LTO-6 to LTO-7, come and see Codex's answer to all of these new challenges.

Experience Codex M-Series Storage solutions and learn more about our storage peripheral products on display at the Renaissance Hotel, Suite 732, next to the LVCC South Hall at NAB 2017. Codex fits into your equipment rack and your budget. For more information please go to Codex Storage

Check out the Studio Daily NAB interview with our Director of Storage Sales, Mark Anderson, explaining the new Codex M-Series Media Vault Library.

And Codex was not just at the Renaissance!

Without leaving behind our roots, we continue to support and partner ARRI, Canon, and Panasonic in providing the most robust recording and media solutions for these leading digital cameras.

There is no longer a gap between production and post and Codex is ideally positioned to provide one workflow that is secure, efficient and streamlined. Codex Production Suite, available on Mac OS X as well as Codex’s XL- and S-Series hardware, is a fully-featured tool for QC, review, metadata management, colour, transcoding and archiving. It provides a bullet-proof workflow for various types of media from the latest digital cinematography cameras from ingest through to post production. It’s ideal for productions who want to provide a cost-effective pipeline to use on and near set; they won’t need anything else. One simple workflow for multiple types of camera, from the ARRI ALEXA 65 to GoPro, means no more snowflake workflows – no need to reinvent the wheel on every production, keep it simple and secure with Codex.

Sign up for Codex Connect to join the Codex community around the world. Codex Connect means you can rest assured that Codex has your back. Codex’s world-class team of support and workflow experts are available to assist you, whether you have a specific technical question or need help designing a workflow. For more details, come and see our daily presentations on the Panasonic (C3607) and Canon (C4325) booths in Central Hall.

DIT Francesco Sauta  is one of the many DITs around the world who rely on Codex products, stating “I personally feel that, to this day, Codex is the most reliable technology in the film industry".

And we continue to support the leading digital cameras on productions from low budget Sundance movies to major studio blockbusters like Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Kong: Skull Island. Marvel Studios rely on Codex to provide secure, efficient workflows for all their productions. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, with 8K RED DRAGON cameras with an entire Codex workflow from dailies through to VFX pulls via Codex Backbone.

Enough said - Studio Daily just recognised Codex at NAB with its Prime Award for our One Workflow Production.

Thank you to all who visited us at NAB 2017.

The Codex Team

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