CODEX continued its partnership with ARRI at NAB 2019 by having one of only two ALEXA Mini LF cameras at the show. It was positioned alongside an ALEXA SXT camera system in the Codex suite. Both cameras were connected to a PIX OnSet cart, capturing image, metadata, and directors notes all in real-time from a tablet or touch screen control interface. CODEX also network connected the new Media Vault storage solution from “set to post” in a demo at the Renaissance Suite Hotel and showed systems ranging in storage capacity from 72TB to 168TB in a portable deskside design and 500TB and 1PB rack-mounted configurations.

The new ARRI ALEXA Mini LF uses media designed by CODEX for ARRI called the Compact Drive. The data workflow with CODEX Device Manager and the leading copy tools on the market was demonstrated using a new USB-C reader for the Compact Drive and a Capture Drive Reader for Compact Drive to allow the Compact Drive to be used with existing SXR docks and Vault platforms, allowing the transfer rates to be maximized off of the Compact Drive.

CODEX Device Manager and High Density Encoding (HDE) were the talk of the show with partners from B&H Studios to Imagine Products, Pomfort, ASSIMILATE, HEDGE, FilmLight, Colorfront and ARRI all discussing and demonstrating the value of CODEX as a partner and the clever ways in which we enable RAW workflows while saving productions time and money.

Completing this eco-system of shared storage and access to ARRIRAW MXF and Apple ProRes MXF files was a series of six Apple iMac Pro workstations running the latest versions of the industry leading Non-Linear Editing systems from Apple and Adobe and Black Magic Design. All systems support the CODEX Media Vault storage system and multiple demos were streaming back from the Media Vault providing multi-layered grades using CODEX ColorSynth and Keys for creative control.


The NLE color grading solution integrated with Apple Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects.

Connect any USB-3 or Thunderbolt-3 card reader to your Mac and share files quickly over the built-in 10GbE network with Codex Media Vault.


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