Los Angeles, September 12, 2018 - Codex is pleased to announce the release of its new innovative and award-winning ColorSynth™ color grading solution, which has now been integrated with Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC along with the Codex Keys™ control surface. The new solution redefines and enhances the color grading experience within Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects®, both key components of Adobe Creative Cloud®.

Simple at first glance, ColorSynth is an elaborate pre-wired network of color processing nodes totaling more than fortyfive control panels arranged in a six-layer stack with fifteen sub-layers. Regardless of the complexity of the grade, ColorSynth renders the results in floating point precision, at a constant speed, with high regard for color standards.

Through ColorSynth, Codex' unique expertise in high-end digital cinema is being harnessed to the benefit of the wider imaging community. The ColorSynth grading template is designed to meet the user at any comfort level; from the simplest “One Light” pass to the most esoteric multi-layer grades. ColorSynth software is easy to learn and simple to use along with Codex Keys.

Core to ColorSynth’s toolset is a thoughtfully designed collection of innovative color correction tools including the powerful Color EQ, a proprietary, modular color remapping tool made of a Main EQ, a special Color Mixer, and a unique Shading EQ, allowing both a level of subtlety and audacity in color grades never seen before. Several grading layers are made of a powerful set of qualifier-based sub-layers that provide a rich set of tools for achieving stunning looks. Leveraging the proprietary Ghost™ Keyer, color selections are faithfully true to color density, are extremely easy to set up and amazingly fast to process.

In parallel with ColorSynth is the Codex Keys, a sophisticated USB bus-powered control surface that is integrated tightly with all color controls of the module. This extended keyboard-sized device sports a full-color, high-resolution display, six potentiometers, and increment key sets, and more than 40 full-color LED backlit keys.

Brian Gaffney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Codex stated, “We are excited to collaborate with Adobe to offer this integration and believe that ColorSynth with Codex Keys is a powerful color correction addition to the creative editorial and visual effects tool chest of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects. The combination of Adobe Premiere Pro with ColorSynth and Codex Keys allows users the pristine comfort that professional colorists enjoy at a cost suitable for anyone.”

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