Codex has been on the road this summer and spent time in NYC. If you missed us, catch up below on events.

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Codex spent the summer in NY visiting creative post-production and camera rental facilities to demo a new suite of innovative desktop solutions called ColorSynth with Codex Keys. ColorSynth with Codex Keys is a new color correction plug-in and module for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. These new creative tools were received well by colorists and creatives.

Codex had events at both Studio B&H in midtown Manhattan, and at ARRI Rental Brooklyn Haus, where the new ARRI Alexa LF and Signature Prime Lens were demonstrated by capturing RAW images that were transcoded to ProRes mezzanine files on the fly while cloning the original camera media. These ProRes files were played back in real-time from the non-linear editing system and graded with ColorSynth using Codex Keys to get finished results in minutes. Codex also trained the knowledgeable staff at B&H on the value and ease of use of providing total creative control for multi-layer color correction with Codex Keys.

The easy to use Codex Keys control surface provides the every day videographer and independent filmmaker with all the finesse required to achieve results quickly. Customer Support Technician, Michael Booth, and Business Development Manager, Kellie Hiatt, from Codex worked with the leading camera manufacturers from Panasonic and ARRI to demonstrate the entire workflow from set to creative post on the desktop.

ColorSynth with Codex Keys is a powerful addition to any creative editorial suite to create varying media content such as TV commercials, episodic shows, or even a short 15-second spot for any social media ad (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Maximize the performance and playback of your desktop non-linear editing systems like Apple’s FCPX or Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe AfterEffects using the Codex MediaVault network attached storage solution.

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