Los Angeles, September 12, 2018 - Codex is pleased to announce the integration of Codex Keys control surface and High-Density Encoding (HDE) with the industry’s leading media management software for production, Pomfort Silverstack Lab.

Codex Keys is an extended keyboard-sized device sporting a full-color, high-resolution display, with programmable controls allowing color correction and media management applications like Pomfort Silverstack to customize and enhance the user experience.

Pomfort Silverstack is the industry standard software for on-set data management for professional film and television productions. Software includes a broad set of features such as copy, playback, reporting for the user to back up, preview, offload and prepare data for media and metadata management, image QC, and transcoding. Pomfort Silverstack has a long history of working alongside Codex on RAW workflow-based productions.

Patrick Renner, CEO of Pomfort stated, “Codex Keys control interface is great because it also covers more than one interaction use case. Codex Keys integrates quite nicely with our product, providing control for a broad range of features within Silverstack. We integrated basic color control (CDL-based grading), along with transport control, navigation through the clip libraries, working with looks, and overall UI control. Codex Keys allow users to control a broad range of features and goes beyond 'just' basic color control. That fits very well with Silverstack’s broad coverage of use cases on set.”

CODEX High-Density Encoding (HDE) is an easy to use tool for large format workflows to control the ever-increasing data footprint of RAW video images. Studios are demanding 4K and RAW image data to archive and future-proof the negative. Cinematic productions are in the process of transitioning from 2K to 4K (uncompressed in size) with camera manufacturers such as Canon and ARRI, offering up to 6.5K uncompressed images. High Frame Rate (HFR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) add to this large format data footprint, leading to significant cost increases as well as storage and transmission challenges.

With CODEX HDE, RAW Bayer pattern image files can be reduced in footprint by 40-45% without any loss in image quality. HDE encoded files and can be used on set with Pomfort’s Silverstack during the copy, playback, and transcoding process which enables even faster back-ups.

Brian Gaffney, VP of Business Development at Codex stated, “We are excited that Patrick and the team at Pomfort see the value in Codex Keys as a control surface within Silverstack and extending the workflow support with HDE integration really solidifies Pomfort’s lead in the on-set data management market.”

About Pomfort
Recent award winner of the 2018 RED DOT award, Pomfort’s innovative software products revolutionize film production workflows worldwide. Dedicated to quality and stability, Pomfort develops and markets intelligent and high-quality software applications designed to simplify major daily tasks both on set and in post-production. With skill and perseverance, Pomfort has established itself as a major player in the film production technology industry over the last seven years. Customers in more than 100 countries work with Pomfort’s internationally renowned products Silverstack and LiveGrade.

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