Codex has announced Codex Review Live, a new colour management and look-creation system enabling set-to-post colour confidence for feature and high-end episodic TV production. Codex demonstrated Codex Review Live during NAB 2015, Las Vegas, as it continues to focus on more than simply recording for motion pictures and broadcast production.

Codex Review Live features an easy-to-operate user-interface and enables users on-set to create and preview looks and colour grades directly from multiple live HD-SDI camera feeds. These looks and grades are applied automatically when generating deliverables via Codex Review, or can be exported in various formats (ASC-CDL for example) for application downstream in the workflow. Crucially, the looks and grades delivered by Codex Review Live can be used to communicate the creative intent from the set, and form the starting point for colour-consistent dailies and post production deliverables.

 Codex Review Live works seamlessly with Tangent panels for interactive on-set primary colour grading, and third-party 3D LUT boxes, such as the Fujifilm IS-mini. The system can control and manage up to 32 3D LUT boxes, installed in-line with the HD-SDI outputs of the camera, and supply on-set monitors with colour graded HD-SDI signals. Codex Review Live has simple controls to adjust a range of colour parameters including offset/power/slope/saturation and is ASC-CDL and ACES-compliant.

Codex Review Live is optimised to work with Codex Backbone, the company’s secure digital production pipeline and media management system, where looks and user-defined look-related metadata are securely managed in the “Look Library” for collaborative use in downstream image-processing tasks.

“Whilst Codex products are known for streamlining the safe transition of images and metadata from production into post, there's also need to establish equally secure colour pipelines – so that the look created on-set is exactly what appears in the VFX and editorial deliverables, and in the DI grading suite,” said Brian Gaffney, VP Business Development at Codex. “Codex Review Live is a simple addition to the workflow, that supports creative colour decisions and provides confidence in colour consistency from the set and beyond.”

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