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Codex Backbone answers the many questions that come up during a production. What was shot yesterday? Did we backup this roll? What is on this LTO tape? Where is that shot?

With Backbone, information about your data is omnipresent and available immediately to those who have access. It’s a complete digital production pipeline from the moment you conceive your project to the moment you deliver it and the central repository for your images and data. So you’ll always have the answers.


Up to 640MB/s







End-to-end Pipeline

With Backbone, information about a production can be accessed and utilised quickly and efficiently. Codex Backbone is an end-to-end pipeline that integrates Codex’s production-proven Vault technology with the Codex Backbone Server and features a secure web based login with an easy-to-use interface that a producer can use to browse and access this critical information. It will deliver the time and money savings that have long been expected from digital productions but often not achieved.

Studios and individuals alike are able to track and re-use their information across shows, streamlining production by creating a knowledge repository. Projects can take advantage of having files and data locally, plus use the distributed hardware of the cloud where it makes sense, making it easy to collaborate locally or all over the world.

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"I am confident that Codex’s media management tools with Codex Backbone and Codex Media Vault Library will streamline VFX turnaround and the entire movie-making process."

Jesse Torres, VP Post Production, Marvel



The VFX delivery pipeline is critical to almost every project – getting the correct shots to the right facility with the associated metadata as efficiently as possible. This has traditionally been done by post facilities. Backbone gives control back to productions by providing a simple tool for ingesting EDLs, pulling visual effects plates, transcoding them to the formats needed, and delivering the shots and metadata to the right place. This can be managed by a studio or a production’s editorial department, providing time and money savings, and a valuable level of extra security because the production itself is in control.

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Codex Vault + Production Suite

Codex’s Vault has proven its value time and time again. When a show gets to the shooting stage, Vault will do the heavy lifting in getting the shots cloned, archived, and transcoded and will automatically update Backbone every time media is inserted and removed from the system.

And now Codex Production Suite runs on Mac OS X making it easy to integrate into a non-Vault workflow. Original camera files that are archived to LTO tape and to the Codex Media Vault are routinely synced with Codex Backbone. The metadata is uploaded to the cloud for immediate browsing and information recall from the web-based Codex Backbone interface.

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Codex Backbone Server

Codex Backbone Server is your own private piece of the cloud that you completely control. It lives inside your internal network so you can run Backbone behind any company firewall, or in any location in the world.

No internet? No problem. Codex Backbone has been designed to give you the information you need at all times. No matter what happens in the outside world, your show will not stop.

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As bandwidth gets faster and faster and reaches the most remote production locations, tracking your production in the cloud is a reality, wherever in the world you are. Codex Backbone can be run on public cloud-based servers such as Amazon Web Services, private cloud services like Sohonet Media Network, or locally using a Codex Backbone Server. Wherever productions go to work, Codex Backbone can travel with them. It works offline or online and in remote locations sharing files around the world and allowing crews in multiple locations to easily collaborate; saving time and money.

Codex Backbone allows production information and pipeline stages to be securely viewed and edited anywhere, any time, by approved crew members, using any desktop or mobile device with an internet connection. Users, Vaults, and S-Series Servers can be added and removed as necessary providing flexibility and saving money.

Codex Backbone Aware

Codex has always worked in harmony with other systems and Codex Backbone is no different. It is built on open REST APIs that can be shared with partners including VFX tools such as Shotgun, PIX for dailies, Sohonet services, or your own internal pipeline systems.


Codex is proud to support so many productions, from blockbuster Academy Award winners, to independent movies, to streaming TV. All Captured on Codex - the indispensable technology of choice.

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