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Codex Connect support subscription programme now accepting registrations.

Stay connected with direct support from the Codex applications and support teams and get access to the latest software updates, online operational Tutorials, online Codex Chat, plus TeamViewer access direct from our global support team, to make sure your system is up to date and ready to support the challenging demands of production.


MacPro/MacBook Pro
S and XL-Series


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Codex Connect connects your project’s metadata to your Codex account and allows you to search, reference and recall metadata for each camera roll, on a scene-by-scene and take-by-take basis for each production date. As you clone capture drives and generate dailies and archives, Codex Backbone will track this status and generate shot reports and reference frames, crucial for reshoots during scene set-ups.

Join the Codex Connect community and continue to get the best in class support from our Codex Application Specialists.

Codex Connect keeps you current with all of the latest software features being added to the Codex Production Suite platform. In addition to bug fixes and performance enhancements, new version updates are already scheduled in support of new 8K cameras, new colour correction features and other deliverables beyond dailies and VFX, such as DCP creation.

Access to the latest training tutorials showing off the best practices to efficiently process large format files using Codex Production Suite software.

Augmenting an already impressive 12 month warranty on hardware, Codex Connect offers you a full software and support subscription model to stay connected to the Codex community.

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"With Production Suite, I have everything I need for archiving, review and dailies. It's the ideal solution for the massive amount of data that is being generated on-set today."

Ben Appleton, DIT



Codex is proud to support so many productions, from blockbuster Academy Award winners to independent movies. All Captured on Codex - the indispensable technology of choice.