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Battle-tested all over the world; the Codex S-Series is a modular, rugged device with super-fast processing and transfer times.

Customise to your particular workflow on a specific project. Ideal for shooting on location, it’s ready to go wherever you need it to accelerate your production pipeline and secure your data. Use a combination of different cameras, but bring everything together through a unified, streamlined process. Combine Codex S-Series with Codex Vault Platform for a complete QC, review, colour, transcoding and archiving solution.

Because it’s modular, the Codex S-Series can be configured to suit any project. The Transfer Module is the core, with docks for various types of media. Add the Storage Module for removable RAID-protected storage – 8 or 16TB Transfer Drive for backing up and transporting your data wherever it’s needed. Add the Review Module for playback, colour and QC as well as super-fast GPU processing. For archiving to dual LTO tapes using LTFS, add the Archive Module.  

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Further information on the modules that make up the Codex S-Series. Click on a title or + to reveal.


Ingest from multiple media formats - Codex Capture Drives, RED MAGs, SxS cards, Sony AXSM cards, CF cards, CFast 2.0 cards.

Fast cloning of original camera data with full redundance checks.

Check, add and fix metadata.

Transcode to multiple formats.



View camera data original as intended to be seen on a calibrated display - at the highest resolution, with the correct look, the appropriate framing and at the right frame rate. Review footage with and without CDL values and LUTs applied.

A high performance processing engine that adds the power of accelerated multi-output GPU processing to Codex Vault. Transcode to all the formats you need to deliver, faster than real-time - transcoding to DNxHD 115, for example, at more than 60fps.

Quality Control (QC)
An intuitive user interface for playback and QC of camera original negative, featuring a sophisticated timeline, allowing you to mix and match different camera formats within the same resolution-independent timeline.


A full colour pipeline, including support for ACES. Collaborate and communicate using real-time, non-destructive, primary grading tools to generate CDL data, tied to each shot and carried forward to next workflow stage. Or use LUTs already created and add CDL data from the set.


8 or 16 terabytes of removable RAID-protected storage via Codex 8 or 16TB Transfer Drives.

A secure mechanism for transporting data from production to post.


Archive to dual LTO-6 tapes simultaneously.

Industry-standard LTFS format.

Full verification and redundancy check.

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"Vault is a wonderful tool, with which everything can now be done on site. We literally have the lab with us, and the entire film production is controlled live."

Dick Pope BSC

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10” Touch Screen

DC 24V Power Supply


Intel Core i7-3740QM Processor

4 cores, 8 threads

6M cache

Clock speed 2.7GHz, max turbo frequency 3.7GHz

AVX instruction set extensions


1600MHz DDR3 RAM


2 x Capture Drive 512 or 2 x Capture Drive XR

2 x Sony AXSM

2 x SxS Card

1 x CFast 2.0 Card

1 x CF Card

1 x 2.5” SSD


Removable Transfer Drive Bay

8TB Solid-state Transfer Drive Module 


4 x 3G-SDI

10-BIT HD | 2K | 4K


GPU Engine with 2880 Cores

6GB Texture Memory


1GbE Interface

Vault Platform Software

GPU Processing

Metadata Editing

Virtual File System

Transcoding Engine



Data Reporting




Vault Review

2K | 4K Player

QC Tools


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