CODEX recommends the following guidance for cleaning CODEX Vault S and XL Series.

Vault Metal and Plastic Casework
Clean all outer case work with 70% IPA lint-free wipes. Wipe gently, especially over any serial labels.

Vault Painted Surfaces
To clean painted surfaces, such as the Vault XL front panel and Vault S case work, clean with 70% IPA lint-free wipes. Wipe gently. Extensive rubbing could cause deterioration of paintwork.

Drive Bays
For cleaning the inside of drive bays (such as SXR Capture Drive port or Transfer Drive ports) we recommend using an air duster only to avoid damage to connectors. If a cleaning solvent is required, then please apply 70% IPA to a soft brush before gently cleaning the bay. Allow to air dry thoroughly before loading any media into the drive bays.

Power Supplies and Cables

Vault S-Series PSU
Clean the case work with 70% IPA lint-free wipes. Wipe gently. Extensive rubbing could cause damage to the paintwork.

PSU Cables
Clean only with water and mild detergent. Some cable materials may be adversely affected by IPA.

Never submerge cables in any liquids.

Ensure no water enters the PSU cable connectors. If you are concerned that water has entered:

  • Seek a replacement
  • To dry the cables please leave in a warm dry place for a minimum of 2 days
Ensure cables are fully dried before use.

Important Information

70% IPA lint-free wipes contain Isopropyl Alcohol. Please ensure that all instructions and safety guidelines provided with the wipes are followed. Any applicable local legislation or regulations relating to the use of chemicals should be strictly observed and applied as required by law.


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