Can the Action Cam record CDL values?

By default the Action Cam software can record CDL Data from a Filmlight Truelight or laptop running Pomfort LiveGrade.

Set up a network connection from the Action Cam recorder to either the Truelight or the laptop running LiveGrade.  The network settings on the recorder can be changed on the Setup->System menu screen if necessary.  Note that after changing the network settings they are only updated when you press the 'Back' button.

In the Setup->System menu scroll to the bottom where there is the CDL Server setting.  In here enter the IP address for the laptop or Truelight box.  When using Pomfort LiveGrade you should also specify the port number after the IP address, e.g.

After recording go to the Play->Shots screen and open the Filecard for the recorded shot to confirm that the CDL values have been captured.