What are the different screens in the Project area for?

Click the blue ring in the top left corner to open the Main Menu. The following options are available:

Project - this is where the Vault Platform software is set up for your project. There are many presets provided within Project to make the setup process easier. The areas within Project are:

Setup - here you set up Production information.

Cameras -  here you set up details of the cameras/formats that are being used, for example ALEXA 4:3 or VariCam 35. The purpose of this is that each Camera can be associated with a Framing (see below), as for example you may want to extract the same region of interest from all ALEXA 4:3 clips into files for editorial or dailies. Optionally, Cameras may even be matched with clips based on specific metadata, such as camera serial number.

Framings - here you set up Framings for both Source and Destination. A Source Framing is the 'region of interest' from the source clip that should be included in deliverable files. A Destination Framing includes details of the size of the file to be created (scaling), and also how the source image should be fitted into this.

Deliverables - here you set up the types of files that are required for post production. For example, a production may require H264 for iPad dailies, DNxHD MXF for editorial, DPX files for visual effects work, and a RAW image format for final colour grading.

Jobs - here you set up templates for the workflow tasks that need to be performed. For example, you may first want to Clone the data from camera media. Then you may want to Generate files for editorial.  Finally you may want to Archive files to LTFS tape for long term storage. These different tasks can be configured separately, or in combination, inside your Job templates.

VFS - here you set up the VFS (Virtual File System) to provide deliverable files inside the 'Codex VFS' drive that appears on the Mac Desktop. Once configured the VFS provides the files 'on-demand' - files for loaded material are always there and ready to be copied. The folder structure and naming of the files is highly configurable using the VFS.