What does the ‘Timecode break’ message mean?

If the timecode and video are from the same source then a ‘Timecode break message’ should not be expected. This could mean incorrect settings, for example the camera is in variframe mode (i.e. sending duplicate frames) but the recorder is not in variframe mode.

If settings are correct then this error message could indicate an anomaly in the signal, and the recording should be checked carefully.

If the timecode and video are from separate sources they can drift over time, and the ‘Timecode break detected’ message will be shown if discontinuity like this is detected. 

The setting for Setup->Timecode->Fix Tc Breaks should always be Off when timecode is being sent from the camera to the Onboard recorder, and On if the timecode is from an unsynchronized external source (LTC).

Timecode can be re-striped using a Codex Media Station if required.