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How can the modules of the Vault be configured?

There are several modules that can be used to build a Vault system. These are:

  • Transfer module – this allows loading of various media such as Codex Datapacks, Capture Drives and Transfer Drives; SSDs, and SxS cards. It also includes a removable base that goes at the bottom of any Vault system.
  • Review module – this allows for the playback of digital camera originals directly through a Vault for quality control and review via both SDI and DisplayPort. 
  • Storage module – this contains additional RAID storage that is used as intermediate storage for data prior to archiving and/or file generation. You can use two Storage modules in a Vault.
  • SR module – this allows loading of two SR Memory cards from the Sony F65 camera. 
  • Archive module – this contains two LTO5 drives that can be used to make backups.