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When the Codex software is installed the Codex VFS drive will be shown on the Desktop:

The Codex VFS drive is always shown, but will be empty until a Capture Drive containing ARRIRAW/CanonRAW/HD recordings is loaded. After loading the Capture Drive, the files are available to be copied from the Codex VFS drive. 

ARRIRAW files are in the following folder structure in the Codex VFS drive: 


Copy the top level Reel folder (A001R20Z in the above example) to another storage device to back-up the image data.

Any copy tool can be used to back-up files from the Codex VFS drive to another storage device.

In each <Clip> folder there will also be an xml folder containing a CodexShot XML metadata file for the clip, and if the clip has audio there will be a wav folder containing a Broadcast WAV file.

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