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When shooting with an Anamorphic lens the Codex UI software can be used to mark the shots with the correct Pixel Aspect information.

This will determine if any de-squeeze is applied to the images when they are processed for editing (i.e. to Quicktime or MXF deliverables), and also this information is contained in the ARRIRAW file header so that viewing software (e.g. Da Vinci Resolve) can apply the appropriate desqueeze.

To change the aspect setting first select the shots you want to change (click ALL, or select the top-right corner of specific shots):

Then click the TRANSFORM button to set the correct aspect: 

Choose the correct aspect and click DO IT. The shots will be marked with this new aspect setting and the displayed thumbnails will reflect this.

This setting does not affect the RAW image data that is stored. It only affects how it is processed. 

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