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During an Archive task a range of prompts may be shown on the screen. New tapes have to be formatted when an Archive Task starts, which takes a couple of minutes. In this case the following prompt will appear:

During the formatting process the system will prompt for a tape name:

Typically this would match the barcode label. There should be no spaces in tape names.
When the Archive process starts a message will be displayed that says ‘Status: Applying shot filter…’ – this may be shown for several minutes whilst the system prepares to run the archive. The disk/tapes will then be mounted, which may take a minute or two. Then a prompt will appear asking for a user-friendly name for the offload for logging purposes:

Typically this would match the Roll metadata for the material that is being archived, but anything can be entered. 
In the case of a disk Archive you will also be prompted to enter a name for the disk for tracking purposes. 
The Archive will then start and display when it has completed. 

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