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The Storage Module has a capacity of 8TB, and during a project it can become full and you will need to clear older material (ensure it is backed up before clearing).

1. For safety, go to the Storage screen and eject all other media from the Vault, so that only the Storage is loaded:

2. Open the Main Menu and go to the Library. Press the + icon and then set Filter on Media to the Storage:


3. Press Filter on Source MUL and then highlight the groups that you want to delete.

Press the Filter button to apply this filter, and then press + to return to the main Library view.
5. Press Select All and then press Manage.
6. Press Delete Selected. You will be shown a list of the shots that will be deleted. Press the Delete button to proceed, or if you are not sure press Cancel.

Note: the Delete Selected function in the Library is only available to Administrator accounts.

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