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The Clone Task is normally the first task performed on media when it is loaded.

Note: the Clone Task must be used to copy from third party media (SxS, SR Memory, AXSM, REDMAG) onto XFS formatted Storage before any other task can be performed with these files.

The Clone Task makes an identical copy of data from one media to another. This includes all data – image, audio, and metadata.

The Source and Destination media need to be compatible:


There is an Eject Output option for a Clone Task – if this is highlighted then the target media will be automatically ejected from the system once the Clone task has finished.

For Capture Drives in the Codex Intermediate Format the Clone Task will read the source data and create CRC32 samples that are compared to the copy, ensuring data integrity. If the source data already has CRC32 samples then the system will compare these to the copied data also.

For files from third party media an md5 verification is performed during the Clone process.

WARNING: If material has been cloned from a Capture Drive (Codex Intermediate Format) to RAID-5 XFS then DO NOT: a) revert the Vault to software version 2013.r1.3509 or earlier. b) move a fixed RAID-5 XFS Storage module to a Vault running software 2013.r1.3509 or earlier. c) transfer a removable RAID-5 XFS Storage module cartridge to a Vault running software 2013.r1.3509 or earlier. Doing any of these things will result in the shots becoming permanently inaccessible.

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