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Select ‘Work Package Templates’ from the Main Menu. This is where the Administrator can create and view the different Templates on the Vault system. The Templates define the workflow for the Vault on a project, and therefore setting up the Template(s) is an important responsibility of the Administrator.

To create a new template from the 'Work Package Templates' screen select ‘Create a New Template’ and the Template Builder screen is shown:

At the top of the screen you can edit the name of the Template, normally to something self explanatory, e.g. Check and Archive Capture Drive.

The Template can be set to start Automatically, Manually, or both. Simply highlight the setting in blue that is required. When set to start Manually the Template will be accessible from the Manual Jobs screen (available from the Task Scheduler screen). When set to start Automatically the Template will begin when media is loaded in the specified port - this could be any port or a specific port depending on how the Template is set up. 

A range of possible tasks are shown at the bottom of the screen. Click a task type to add it. After adding a task, click Add Task again to add further tasks to the Template. The table below gives a brief description of these Tasks:

Clone Makes an identical copy of data from one media to another.
Generate Generates files for post-production to an external drive.
Archive Copies data to Disk or LTFS tape and then performs verification.
Media Clear Reformats the specified media.
Media Check Provides an overview on the contents of media and reports any issues found.
Media Verify Performs a checksum-based verification of media.
Media Sign Off Marks that all required tasks are completed with media so it can be cleared.
Import Imports files from an external disk or LTFS tape

The next image shows the Template builder screen with Media Check Task added:

In the ‘From:’ and ‘To:’ fields for a Task we can set expressions, which are used to define where the source and destination media are loaded. 
Next to the ‘From:’ or ‘To:’ fields there is an ‘Add expression’ button. Select the Add expression button to open a list of categories for different media ports on the Vault:

Choose the relevant category and then select the media port you would like to use. You can select a specific media port or in some cases select to use Any of a particular type of media port:

In the From: field the full expression will then be automatically inserted. If the Task requires a To: expression then repeat this process to choose the destination. The next image shows a template for a Clone task with the expressions completed:

The Settings for each type of task will be discussed in separate tutorials.

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