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In the Library to view/edit metadata for a shot select the thumbnail so the shot is highlighted in blue. Alternatively to work on multiple clips, select and highlight several thumbnails. Then click the Manage button and click Edit Metadata:

The Edit Metadata screen shows the full range of clip metadata, divided into these headings:

Filecard: a selection of common metadata most likely to be edited 

Project: a selection of metadata about the project 

All: every metadata item stored with the shot(s)

Shot Info: general metadata information that is not editable except in the case of Pixel Aspect

Click in a field to make changes to metadata, then either Save & Finish or Quit & Forget to return to the Library.

Fields that are grey in colour cannot be edited.

The top-centre thumbnail that is highlighted blue is the shot selected for editing. Click the thumbnail to the left or right to select that shot for editing. 

Click the Edit All button to select all shots for editing. When this is done any metadata that is common to all selected shots will be shown as normal. Any metadata that varies between the selected shots will be shown as <mixed>.

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