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A 3D LUT (or 1D LUT) can be used to apply colour correction to files processed with the Generate Task.

Any LUT files should first be copied from another computer onto the Vault over a network. Follow the instructions below to do this.

1 Setting compatible network addresses
In order to connect over a network from another computer to a Vault the machines need to have compatible network addresses. This address is called an IP address (Internet Protocol). The IP address is a unique address for each machine on a network.

Another element of the network settings is called the Subnet Mask, and this should match for all machines on the network. The Subnet Mask can be thought of as a ZIP code, while the IP address can be thought of as a house number.

Unless the network settings of your computer and the Vault are already compatible, the settings on one machine will need to be changed.

On a Vault the network settings can be viewed and set in the Settings->Network menu.

On Mac the network settings can be viewed in System Preferences->Network. 

On Windows the network settings can be viewed in Control Panel->Network Settings and then right-clicking to view the Properties of TCP/IPv4 for the network port being used.


2 Examples of network settings
A Vault will typically have an IP address of 192.168.1.xxx where ‘xxx’ is unique to a machine, and a Subnet Mask This Subnet Mask means that for all machines on the network the first three numbers of the IP address should be common, and the fourth number should be unique.

For example, if the Vault IP address was then your computer could have an IP address of, and should have the same Subnet Mask of The restrictions of the IP address are that the last numbers cannot be the same, and must be within the range 0-255.

With compatible network settings you can proceed to connect to the Vault.

3 Connecting from Mac OS X
This is done using the Finder application. Either press Command-K (Apple-K) or from the top menu select Go->Connect to Server…
Using the example Vault IP address of, in the ‘Connect to Server’ box that appears in the Server Address field enter:


Then click ‘Connect’. Enter the username ‘codex’ and password ‘codex’ to connect.

4 Connecting from Windows
This is done using Explorer. Open an Explorer window and select Tools->Map Network Drive.
Using the example Vault IP address of, in the Folder field of the box that appears enter:


Then click ‘Finish’. Enter the username ‘codex’ and password ‘codex’ to connect.

5 Copying LUTs to the Vault
When the connection is made you will see various files and folders on the Vault, including a ‘luts’ folder and a ‘burnins’ folder.  Copy your LUT file(s) into the ‘luts’ folder and any customised burn-ins into the ‘burnins’ folder.

Be careful not to move or delete any other files or folders that you can see when connected to the Vault.

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