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The Media Sign Off provides PDF Reports and also marks the media as ‘finished with’ meaning a Media Clear task can be run without prominient warnings.
Note: the Media Sign Off Task cannot be run directly on third party media (i.e. SxS, AXSM, SR Memory). Instead use the Media Sign Off Task on the copy of files made from this media to XFS Internal formatted storage to produce PDF Reports.
The Media Sign Off task provides the following prompt:

The Media Sign Off task can produce a range of reports:
Media Report – provides a PDF report with a summary on the contents of the media and the history of jobs/tasks that have been carried out with the media.
Job Report – provides a PDF report on the current running job that the media is involved in. 
Shot Report – provides a PDF report of the shots on the media, with key metadata such as Roll, Timecode, Duration, File size, and Format.
Here is an example of a Shot Report:

Each type of PDF Report needs to be saved separately.  
When viewing a report, click the ... button next to the Path field. From here the User can select an external device which is recommended (e.g. USB Stick). After saving the reports select from the following options.
Confirm – when the Confirm button is pressed the Vault marks the media as signed off (i.e. all required tasks have been completed) and a Media Clear can be carried out without any warnings.
Cancel – cancels the Media Sign Off, meaning effectively that the media is not finished with.

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