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The Archive Task performs a Backup (and Verify) operation of files to Tape using the LTO drives in the Vault or to external Disks. An external disk can be formatted with any of the following supported file systems:


The LTO tapes for an Archive task are formatted by the Vault as LTFS (Linear Tape File System), which is an open standard.

By default the system will do a dual tape archive. This can be changed to a single tape archive by editing a system configuration file. For more information on changing this system configuration contact Codex support.

When using large disks (e.g. >4TB) it is good practice to format with multiple smaller partitions to assist with data management.

After adding an Archive Task to the Template, select Settings and set the Target as Disk or LTFS. When Disk is selected there is also the option to write to 1 or 2 disks and to Predefine Filepath to the disk.  It is generally recommended to leave this set to 'No' and select the target when the task runs, unless the same external disk will always be connected.

Set the Operation as Backup, Backup And Verify, or Verify.

The Backup And Verify option copies the files and then does a byte-for-byte verification by comparing what is on the disk/tape to the original data. This is the recommended setting.

If Backup is used then the Verify option can be used later, and this compares what is on the tape/disk with md5 checksum files that were created from the original data. These md5 files are stored on the Vault – therefore the Verify must be done on the same machine as the Archive task.

Set the Frame Rate to match the editing rate for the project. This is very important to allow successful conforming from the archive to editorial files used later in post production.

There is also an option to Add Other Files.  This can be used to include any other files in the Archive.  An example might be sound rushes files brought to the Vault on a USB stick.  Set this option to Yes and then use the browser to set the path for the Other Files Location.

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