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The Remote Connection option on the Vault allows you to connect from another computer to observe and control the Vault.

The connection is made using TeamViewer, available from www.teamviewer.com
Before starting the Remote Connection connect the Vault to a network with internet access. On the Settings->Network screen set the network port to DHCP and confirm that the Address, Mask, and Gateway fields are populated and that the port is set as the Default Gateway.

Press the Info button at the top of the Vault screen:

Click Start and a 9 digit ID should be displayed in the Remote Connection box. From another computer you can then run the TeamViewer software and enter this ID and the password codex to connect to the Vault.

Press CTRL-T on your keyboard to disable the touchscreen on the Vault so you can use your keyboard and mouse via TeamViewer.  Remember to press CTRL-T again to re-enable the touchscreen before disconnecting from TeamViewer.

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