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The Audio Sync option allows you to playback shots on the Vault in a small proxy window and synchronise audio files from an external recorder to shots based on timecode.
Note: the Audio Sync feature is not compatible with RED RAW files. For other file types it is recommended to wait for the audio waveform to finish building before starting playback.
When in the Library, select the shots you want to work with so they are highlighted blue, then click the Manage button and then Audio Sync. 
If your shots were not recorded with audio the waveform area at the bottom of the screen will be empty:

Click the Open List button and this will show a view of the available audio files. This will initially be empty. 
Click the Fetch More... button to load files from an attached device, e.g. USB drive.
Locate files, select them and click Continue.

Click the Auto Sync All button and the audio files will be sync’ed to your shots based on timecode. 

Press the Play shot button to check the sync has been successful. You can step through using the Forward 1 frame and Back 1 frame buttons to confirm this with accuracy and monitor via the headphone output of the Vault.

If the sync is not accurate, look at the image and line up the Playhead with the clapper frame. Then use the Slip audio forward or Slip audio back buttons to slip the audio in 0.25 frame increments to line up the Audio playhead with the clapper peak on the waveform. Then play the shot to check the audio and video are correctly sync’d.

If required you can use the Zoom in waveform and Zoom out waveform controls for greater accuracy.

If there is more than one audio file matching to a particular shot, click the More button to choose which audio file to sync.

Once the sync on all shots has been checked press the Finish Sync button and then Confirm to finalise the changes: 

When an audio sync is done a new version of the shot is created with the sync’d audio. The original shot remains and will have ‘(original)’ added to the end of the shot name, as shown at the bottom right of this image:

To continue working with just the audio sync’d versions of the shots for subsequent tasks (e.g. Archive or Generate) select the copy of the shots that have had (original) added to the name and delete them from the Library.

Note: any sections of the audio file waveform that are outside the timecode range of the video file will be shown in grey:

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